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What we do

Building long term client relationships to six month work placements. We’ve got you covered. We provide all sorts of media training including, teaching individuals how to digitise a tape at our sister company Dig Media, a fascinating music archive. Compared to corporate training for Barclays Digital Eagles and Salford City Council.

We have helped transition many creatives into media production. Our work with Institute of Technology: Barking & Dagenham College, helped students gain transferable skills. We mapped equipment onto curriculum specifications, to build an industry standard production ecosystem.

Salford City College

We have provided Salford City Council staff with media training. Our short training courses included practical skills in planning, scripting, shooting, editing, media management for social content.

Barclays Digital Eagles

Toasted has worked alongside Barclays Digital Eagles assisting with prep, self-shooting remotely under guidance with training tools and assets. Additionally video work and online one-to-one coaching.

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