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The Music Walk of Fame

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Platforming the best and brightest in British popular music

November 2019 marked the launch of the UK’s first Music Walk of Fame right in the heart of British popular music: Camden. The trail charts over 80 years of musical history. It literally sets in stone musical trailblazers: celebrating icons, innovators and industry movers and shakers, whilst also shining a light on the unsung backroom writers, producers and impresarios. International legends The Who, Amy Winehouse and Soul II Soul have already been honoured with a Music Walk of Fame stone.

We were tasked to create engaging visual content, showcasing the Music Walk of Fame as one of the highest accolades in the music world. Working on the project for over a year, we researched, developed and directed content strategy. Using our extensive experience in archiving and production development, Toasted created 20 programmes for sponsors and the public, also generating moving image content for Universal and The Who.

With the help of our vast musical archive and a punchy edit, we created a short promo which was distributed pre- and post-launch. Toasted developed visual and moving image brands to be instantly recognisable when distributing to global PR and broadcast channels. With a quick turnaround, we provided footage for worldwide platforms and developed social media using channel analytics.

We produced and developed other programme formats such as stone reveal highlights, interviews and clips for social media. All of these assets were created in-house.



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