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Manchester Urban Institute

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Communicating globally-significant research to a worldwide audience

The Manchester Urban Institute, based at the University of Manchester, is a leading academic organisation that generates world-class research, and an influential global centre for developing cities worldwide. MUI’s missions include achieving high levels of engagement and impact with non-academic stakeholders, and training the next generation of urban activists, decision-makers, researchers and scholars.

MUI has positioned the University of Manchester as the leading global location for urban research. Toasted has maintained an ongoing relationship with the university, spanning a number of years. This has included working with a number of teams, from cities@manchester, a network of scholars committed to understanding the global urban condition, to environmental sustainability groups.

The Institute encompasses a collective of research centres and academics, all working on a global scale to inform policy and improve lives. Through content produced, Toasted helped MUI establish itself in the international arena.

This included developing scripted content for academics, aiding in presentation-building, shooting documentary content, and creating slick accompanying animations.

MUI wanted their current brand and style to have an international feel, as their demographics are broad and diverse. Sticking tightly to a budget, we produced high-quality content to create the desired look, featuring footage from all over the world. And in amongst all this, we were able to streamline complex, sprawling ideas into more digestible introductions.

Different skillsets are applied to each production, from scripting to interviewing and animation. Both styles of productions can take up to a couple of days prepping and planning. Location shooting can vary depending on the production, but usually takes no more than 2x days.

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