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With the ongoing Covid-19 crisis restricting on-site working, many sectors have had to adapt in unexpected ways. Harnessing our decades of experience in live broadcast, we have been diversifying our portfolio of live streaming applications.

Pendleton Together are upgrading existing building cladding in Salford – a process that ordinarily requires in-person inspections. However, with the impacts of the Covid-19 crisis, the team at Pendleton Together needed a way of facilitating remote observations. Using 4K cameras and our tightly-honed media management workflows, we were able to offer Pendleton Together a solution that went over and above the call of duty: allowing people to video call into various sites as needed. This allows time-limited on-site experts to ‘visit’ several locations in a single day, and to do so with enhanced Covid-safety. It also means the team has a high-quality record of each and every inspection they do, which they can replay further down the line.

Barking and Dagenham College specialise in high-quality vocational training. So when we were contracted to build them a state-of-the-art media studio, we noticed that our expertise could also be used elsewhere in the college, in facilitating effective remote learning. On top of the standard studio build, we created a freestanding, studio-quality streaming unit, which could be moved around the college as needed, giving all of their educators access to high-quality streams of e.g. practical demonstrations. Taking on board feedback from the college, we then redesigned the unit to have a more intuitive interface and ‘blend in’ with classroom furniture. All of this allowed for seamless operation by lay users, such that it has now been widely adopted across a whole range of departments.

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