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Platforming digital innovation in Salford

Barclays is a huge global brand with branches and assets all over the world. Starting out as two goldsmiths, Barclays has since transformed into one of the most popular, digitally savvy banks in the UK.

Barclays has embraced the Digital revolution, helping colleagues and staff learn key practical and forward-looking Digital skills. This led to the innovative Digital Eagles initiative, which began in April 2013.

Barclays realised there was a shortfall in digital skills nationally. After up-skilling their own staff they realised they could help others, including Salford City Council and their residents.

Teaming up with Barclays, the council launched a landmark digital inclusion programme, Digital You. It resulted in the creation of over 400 local authority Digital Eagles consisting of volunteer council employees.

We have made successful campaigns for Barclays and a suite of programmes for their website and digital platforms. All high impact content both in short form and longer.

One of the key productions was a high impact case study of the Digital Eagles in Salford, working with the new Barclays Ventures brand. Creating an elegant style, we provided the crispest images using high-end cameras and prime lenses. The film also needed to have pace. A ‘pass the baton’ editing style was adopted, whereby different persons illustrate the same point.

We spent 5 weeks completing pre-production, location filming, interviews, editing, online editing and audio.

We conducted interviews with key figures from Barclays and Salford City Council. We filmed the Eagles in action and a ceremony to celebrate their achievements. We combined this with graphics and were able to create this inspiring edit.

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